Prepare Yourself for the C1 Advanced: CAE exam

Moxon English teach a variety of English classes depending on your needs. One thing we like to focus on is helping you achieve English qualifications. Having an English certificate can help you in a number of different aspects of life, including getting into universities, getting visas and getting better jobs. One such exam that we teach is the C1 Advanced: CAE exam. This article aims to show you the best resources to use when preparing for this exam.

Learn An Exam Strategy

You can have enough language knowledge to pass the exam, but you can still fail it by not knowing what the examiners are looking for. Having a strategy to pass every part of this exam is therefore extremely important. Student Languages is a website which describes in detail how to pass each section of the exam and this is the first place you should go if you want this qualification. They have written instructions and videos for how to pass the exam and they even have a C1 Advanced course for every exam paper.

Practice Tests

Learning a strategy alone is not enough however. You then need to use this strategy to practice with exam exercises. This Flo Joe page gives loads more great resources to use when preparing for this exam as well as practice exercises.

The ESL website has lots of useful information about the exam and other interesting blog articles.

Quick Solution

Some people spend years preparing for these exams. But Student Languages offers you a quick solution, by teaching you the strategy you would learn in the classroom and showing you how to use this to prepare yourself. If you use this website and the other websites we have listed above, you will save a lot of time and money! Student Languages are even offering one video course completely free at the moment, check it out here.

Extra Resources

Finally, here are some extra resources which will help you to prepare for the C1 Advanced: CAE exam:

More CAE Information.

C1 Advanced Reading.

There are also lots more articles around our website which aim to help you pass this exam in the most effective way possible.