Quick and easy English books

Want some advice on where to find interesting readings in English for beginners? There are in fact, several. When you challenge yourself to read books in English for the first time, you may find it complicated and slow going, but you will see setting yourself to the task and continuing will yield quick results.

The choice of books is crucial: one that is extremely difficult, and that is not at all suited to your level, could demoralize you in two to three pages; on the contrary, a reading that is incredibly simple could be boring and take away the interest of this method.  Remember if you do not have any difficulty whatsoever reading the text, then it is not right for you and you need to go to the next level.

You can choose from many texts with simple narratives just for those, who like you, want to start with something easy without having to search for too many terms in the dictionary.

There are moreover various texts created specifically for certain levels of English (A1, B2 etc.) and if you know your actual level, then it will be easier to buy the right book for you. Something to note and take into account, in your choice of book, is that more contemporary authors tend to write in a more fluid and simple way than those of past centuries (a rule that is probably true for all languages, just think of Italian), and to be very general, American writers tend to simplify their English in comparison to British writers.

Here are some recommended titles.

English books for beginners

Alice in Wonderland, a beautiful easy to read story that will better your English

Harry Potter, the first book in particular is written for children; but do not be fooled by the terminology related to magic and formulas…

The Little Prince wandering from planet to planet through the universe, easy and smooth.

1984, by Orwell, also suitable for those who do not have a high level of English.  The terms are not too complicated.

Books in English specifically for levels A1 and A2

Blood Diamonds, a book set in Africa full of arms dealers who shed blood simply for money…

Bad Love, a detective thriller that hides a love story.  Perfect to start with!

The Elephant Man, a very sad story that talks about how prejudices can sometimes crush peoples’ souls.

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