RhinoSpike: learn English listening to natives

The native tongue: a precious resource

Though many people know English, few know the correct pronunciation, this is because it is a very musical language, often with a great difference between the way it is spoken and the way it is written.  One of the best ways to overcome this difference is to listen to native speakers, a very important resource for gaining confidence with sounds and cadence, a necessity for understanding and being understood.

How does RhinoSpike work?

Now there is a simple and innovative tool on the web, that allows you to listen to the sound of a word or a text, pronounced directly by a native speaker: it is RhinoSpike, an online service that is totally free and which allows you to send a text and hear it pronounced by a native speaker.  The functionality is both intuitive and ingenious: you start by sending some sort of text in English that you would like to know how to pronounce, after that another RhinoSpike user that is a native English speaker that will record their voice while reading the text and resend it to you in an audio file format, that can be saved and listened to again as many times as you would like.

A winning idea

RhinoSpike is revolutionary in the field of education: thanks to this system, that create an interactive community of students that help each other, on one hand by learning the correct pronunciation, and on the other teaching someone else how to pronounce, in a fruitful cultural exchange that costs absolutely nothing.

The great idea behind the RhinoSpike system is that everyone is an expert of their own native language and have this valuable resource that they can share with other people, in return for the same type of resource: RhinoSpike brings people together from all over the world, that meet each other on the site to help each other linguistically. 

In the world of RhinoSpike there is no concept of preparation level, as a native speaker is obviously able to read any level of text: from novels to juristic texts, from cooking recipes to an instruction manual for a household appliance.

The greater the number of users that decide to join the RhinoSpike community, the greater the linguistic support will be as well as the possibility of finding the help necessary for learning the exact pronunciation of a particular text.

English beyond the classroom

English grammar can be learned easily at school, with a book or teacher, but knowing how to write in English does not automatically give you the knowledge to speak correctly.  How many times have you gone to an English speaking country and had serious problems understanding and being understood?  RhinoSpike is the ideal solution for deepening your knowledge of the English language through one of its most important aspects: pronunciation.

While it is easy to find linguists willing to teaching you English, it is a lot more difficult to find someone willing to do it for free: RhinoSpike also takes care of this problem, putting you in contact with native speakers all over the world in a way that is completely free.

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