Sing to learn how to pronounce English words

English vocabulary is certainly very important to enhance the knowledge of the English language. Discovering an increasing number of words is the first step of the process of learning the language. In any case, not knowing how to write or how these words are to be pronounced will create a block that can easily be overcome. This definitely makes the whole difference between a superficial knowledge of English and a thorough knowledge of this language.

Singing to enhance learning

Many teachers are convinced that the songs which are simple and relatively easy to pronounce words are an ideal way to really learn the pronunciation of many words. Listening to the audio and repeating the lyrics provides the student who wants to learn proper English pronunciation, the opportunity to do it while he or she enjoys singing. We must start with simple songs with simple words before moving to more complex words and songs.

You can safely start with children’s songs of which you know the written texts to perfection. This way you will be fully aware of the words in the song and it will be much easier to understand the sounds and then understand the pronunciation. English pronunciation and intonation is totally different from that in Italian, and therefore, learning only the written aspect of the language will certainly not help with listening and pronunciation skills.

The importance of pronunciation

Many underestimate pronunciation skills and its actual use and usefulness. Some think that if one knows the grammar and written part, speaking English will naturally follow. However, reality may be totally different. In fact, mispronouncing some words may lead to misinterpretation and misunderstandings, especially if you are talking to native speakers.

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