Some and any in English: explanations and exercises

One question. . .is there anyone out there who’s never run into trouble grasping the difference between some and any? It’s one part of the English language which, especially for native Italian speakers, we just can’t seem to figure out. . .you may remember learning once that the difference is between certainty of a positive statement – just the idea of something, compared with the uncertainty of a question or a negative sentence. It’s all very obscure and confusing. Well, join the club – we’ve all been there. In fact, it’s so confusing people have even written books about it! But without resorting to the books, there are loads of resources online that explain the differences between these two little words, as well as provide plenty of exercises so you can practice. It’s worth trying some of them out, and don’t stop until you really understand when to use SOME and when it’s better to use ANY. Enjoy!

1. English Free

A website that explains simply and intuitively the differences between some and any, with different exercises which can help you understand when to use which one. Go to the site and start practicing.

2. English Hilfen

On this website you can browse through different exercises and become better versed on the subject of some and any.

3. Exercises of some and any

Here’s another set of exercises to complete, which mainly emphasise the difference between negative sentences and interrogatives. Check out the site to have a go at the right answers.

4. Agenda Web

An endless series of exercises to help you learn the difference between some and any, especially in statements where you are emphasising whether you’re certain of something, or if it’s just an idea, or whether or not you expect an affirmative response, etc. . .you’ll find a checklist to go through when you’re not sure which one to use. See the site to do some exercises.

5. Auto English

Here are more exercises about the use of some and any, especially in negative or interrogative sentences. You can compare your answers with the correct ones with a simple click. Go to the website and try it out.

6. English Exercises

Here are some fun exercises about some and any, divided based on language level, ranging from elementary to intermediate. You can also browse exercises based on target age group. Have a look at the site and see for yourself.

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