Technical English Dictionary, a plus for your subject

Certainly a comprehensive dictionary and well written; bilingual, English-Italian; it is worthwhile in the study of English. But when you are looking for a complete text which is targeted to your technical material; the generic volumes do not always have the answer to your question.

However, there are many specific dictionaries of technical English that you can buy to support your work of course of study.

1. For accountants, notaries and students who study for administrative roles

Grand Technical English Dictionary HOEPLI, revolves around the theme of Business English, but also looks into commercial and administrative matters for the management of accounting and administrative offices. There are 215,000 entries for this excellent bilingual volume. Together with the book you can also get the license to view the book directly online. 

Economic & Business, written by Fernando Picchi and published by Zanichelli; a complete and revised edition from 2012. It includes all the terms which are for those who work in administration and accounting, and deal with companies on a daily basis.

2. For engineers and computer scientists; students of engineering and mathematical sciences

Computing Dictionary: Published by Zanichelli, this dictionary is ideal for those in the world of science and technology. You will find all the terms specific details that normal dictionaries do not contain, or give precise definitions for.

English-Italian Computing Dictionary, by Angelo Gallippi, to always have all the technical terms that you need at hand, even the ones that you wouldn’t normally find in regular English dictionaries.

3. For architects, surveyors and operators or contractors

Technical dictionary of construction and architecture, for all professionals who study and work in technical drawing and the like. You will find the solution to your problems to communicate with potential customers and foreign suppliers.

English for architecture, a reference book for those working or studying it the field of construction and architecture. It will teach you not to make even the most common mistakes, typical of Italians.

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