Who is Jeremy?

Jeremy is born

Jeremy's childhood

"I have two brothers and two sisters and almost all of us are teachers. My sister Antonia is training to be a teacher in a primary school with kids with disabilities, Charlie works in a theatre for children and my other brother Alex also teachers English online. My parents also work in the world of education. My mum works in a church parish and my dad (now retired) taught in a primary school. The other one who isn't a teacher is my sister Sarah who works in Public Relations."

Jeremy si laurea

Graduating from Edinburgh University

"I graduated in psychology at the University of Edinburgh in 2004. Psychology taught me about mechanisms of learning and emotion. Subsequently I studied for a second degree in research and statistics."

Jeremy si trasferisce in Italia

London and Italy

"In 2006 I went to live in Padua, Italy. The reason I went was to write my dissertation on autism (for my second degree). I then started teaching English and I realized I'd discovered my passion. Now I spend part of the year in London and  part of the year in Italy."

Jeremy e Serena si sposano

Jeremy and Serena get married

"An amazing day. In 2012 Serena and I got married in a ceremony near Venezia. It was great to share it with our family and closest friends."

Lezioni tramite Skype

Jeremy teaches English on Skype

"In 2012 I decided to offer my Moxon English courses on the internet using Skype. I now work with other teachers who use my same method and approach."