Write a good cover letter in English

Writing a cover letter properly may not be easy, of course writing it in English can be even more complicated. Before the letter you’ll have to create a CV in English to go with it.  To address this problem which is common to many people, you obviously need to have a strategy.

The different sections of the letter

The introduction is definitely the most important part of the letter and has to capture, from the very first lines, the attention of the recipient. It is a good idea to refer to the information already available to the recipient, such as the job ad to which you are responding or a specific advertising campaign, etc.

A classic example of the introductory part of the cover letter is “I am writing in reply to your job posting (Ref. No. XYZ) on XXX, for (job title / position).

Now you’ll have to explain to the recipient why you are the best candidate for the job. You will need to show you are sure of your ability and understanding your qualities in reference to the job being advertised. This generally comes down to your real ability to work in a team and on your experience in the specific area.

A classic example is,  “I have excellent research and organisational skills, and the ability to work in a big or small team as well as alone.”

In other cases you can use more general models:

For example,  “Based on the description of the role requested, I am confident I have the correct skills to contribute and…”

The closing of the letter

The closure of the letter is as important as its beginning. Try to engage the recipient in your proposal with phrases such as “I hope you will share my ideas and optimism” or “I would be glad to progress my career in such a team” or “I’d like to join your team in a new and stimulating environment”.

The correct length of the letter is around 150-200 words. Do not be shy, the goal is to provide information that is not available from within the CV. Feel free to use words such as: excellent, strong, good, by nature. You’ll have to showcase yourselves as the ideal candidate for the role required.


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