American films to watch to improve your English

So you think your English level is as high as it can get? Can you get by in interviews, meetings, lectures, and conversations completely in English? If so, congratulations! But how are you holding up with the American accent? Surely you know by now that American English is different from British English, both in terms of the words used, as well as accents and expressions.

Of course this doesn’t mean that on your trip to New York no one will understand what you say, however, if you were do interview with a prospective employer in the USA. . .it might not be a pretty picture. The only way to get your ears used to hearing the American accent (aside from buddying up with an American you can Skype chat with), is to block out some time for a nice watch session of American films in their original language.

You may be startled at first, and walk away with serious doubts about your level of English, but then with more time and practice, you’ll get used to it. If your level of English is still quite basic you could opt for subtitles in Italian, but if your English is at an intermediate or higher level, consider going with English subtitles. Or, you could even nix the subtitles altogether if you want to push yourself more towards becoming bilingual!

American films to help you improve

The Best of Me, a chick flick for the hopeless romantics out there; a love story between two teenagers who split up but are reunited 20 years later. . .with English subtitles if you’re looking for a leg up in comprehension.

The 40 Year old Virgin, a 2005 comedy starring Steve Carell, whose character is struggling through his first experiences. . .at the ripe age of 40!

Step Up All In, a musical comedy you’ll find challenging due to the slang the younger generation uses. . .it’s a great tool for getting used to American slang.

Pride & Prejudice, based on the Jane Austen novel, this romance has an interesting plot.

The American TV series could also help you get some good practice.

The Vampire Diaries, this series is beloved by lovers of vampires, fangs, and impossible love stories.

Breaking Bad, where drugs, money, and power all come together in the previously mundane life of a broke high school teacher.

The Walking Dead, includes zombies, cities in ruins, and a constant struggle for the survival of the human race.

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