American Romantic films: to help you learn American English. . .with love!

Alright, here we go: grab a box of tissues, some popcorn, and get comfy on the couch. Coming up is a list of films perfect for the romantics out there (especially for the hopeless ones), ranging from tearjerkers, to romantic comedies, but all with one common denominator: love, love, and more love. . .

Here are some American films you can watch in their original language to help you develop an ear for American English! Determination combined with entertainment will help you from beginning to end!

1. Gone with the Wind, a timeless film, which is not just romantic, but also historical. It tells the story of a southern family during the American Civil War.

2. Titanic, with Leonardo di Caprio, tells the fictional love story of two people on the tragic night that resulted in thousands of deaths as the Titanic sank – caused by human error.

3. Love Story, where the well-known words “Love means never having to say you’re sorry” were uttered, this is the story of a young man and his ill-fated lover. It’s a real tearjerker with an outstanding soundtrack.

4. The Party, the first kiss and the first fight between teenagers in the 80s. Some would say it’s a great makeout flick.

5. Autumn in New York, with Richard Gere and Winona Ryder, you’ll be crying like a baby as you watch this love story which unfortunately does not have a happy ending.

6. Shakespeare in Love, with Gwyneth Paltrow, whose character is the playwright’s inspiration, and who also plays a male role in a performance of Romeo and Juliet. Here’s another story that does not have a happy ending. . .

7. Pretty Woman, and now for a modern Cinderalla story with its famous happy ending! Richard Gere and Julia Roberts cross paths in a rather. . .interesting way. Will he change her in the end? Or vice versa?

8. As Good As It Gets, with the unforgettable Jack Nicholson in one of his best performances yet, this is the story of a difficult man man struggling in his interpersonal relationships who is catapulted deep in love. This film is romantic but also very funny – even hilarious at times.

9. City of Angels, with Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage, in a version of Los Angeles filled with angels who are constantly watching over humans. One angel falls in love and decides to become a human. . .with a surprising ending.

10. You’ve Got Mail, Meg Ryan is back again, along with Tom Hanks; both deliver an excellent performance in this classic romance, which fortunately has a happy ending.

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