American TV Shows: a round-up of the best ones to improve your listening skills

Want to improve your American slang listening comprehension? Well make yourself comfortable and start watching some of these American TV shows in their original language: the speech you’ll hear is just the kind of thing you need.

American TV shows from the 70s

The Jeffersons with George and Louise, their son Lionel, and maid Florence. This was one of the first American sitcoms to take off in Italy. Hilarious yet heart-warming, this one’s a blast from the past!

The Dukes of Hazzard with souped up cars racing out of control. This show has loads of famous actors who went on to star in some of the other most famous movies and TV shows in the world.

Three’s Company, two women and one man living in the same apartment. Including a the quintessential superficial blond, the deep, intelligent brunette (stereotypes!) and the guy who’s ok-looking but nothing special.

Happy Days, no introduction is needed for the beloved Ricky Cunningham, Fonzie, and more. This series won over the hearts of viewers throughout the world.

American TV shows from the 80s

Charles in Charge, where Charles (Scott Baio, nephew of Fonzie from Happy Days) must look after two teenage girls and a little boy who have lost their mother. A funny take on dealing with teenagers.

Family Ties, with Michael J. Fox, before the days of Back to the Future. This showcases the adventures of a typical American family with one boy and one girl – one a teenager and the other a child.

Silver Spoons, a boy whose father is a rich businessman who must face the challenges of daily life despite his privileged position, as he tries to fight off the memories of his mother who died at a young age.

American TV shows from the 90s

Friends, who wouldn’t want a gang of friends like these guys? Always together, always there for each other, even when the going gets tough. . .

Will and Grace, two roommates, a girl and a guy, both searching for Mr. Right. Living with a gay friend is easy – every woman wishes she could find such a reliable confidant.

Beverly Hills 90210, Brenda and Brendon are a pair of twins who are complete opposites, both in physical appearance and in personality. This show tells of love, secrets, and adventures in Beverly Hills with a host of unforgettable characters.

Recent American TV shows

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, seven seasons of the “chosen one”, or rather, the one warrior who must eliminate the vampires of the world. Too bad so many of them are fascinating individuals, like Angel and Spike, and who she may even end up falling for. . .

Sex and the City, four career women who love nightlife, nice clothes, and sex. This bold TV series shattered the image of women as being weak and powerless, and having no interest in fleeting relationships.

CSI (Los Angeles, Miami, and New York) three distinct, yet interconnected series. Solving crimes with DNA testing and much more from a team of medical and legal experts who are always ready to analyse the bodies and other evidence left behind at the scene of a crime.

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