Android English Dictionary: enhance your smart phone and your English

In the era of smartphones, where now the “where” and “when” take on different meanings, where each resource can be mailed, shared on social media, and used in the palm of one’s hand, they could certainly not miss out on an app for your Android phone which includes an endless list of applications to give you English vocabulary within a few clicks.

You can download English dictionaries which are monolingual or bilingual. The latter would include a fast translation from English to Italian or vice versa depending on your needs.

Monolingual English dictionary for Android

This is the best choice for those who want to explore the uses of English terms, and do not need to find out their meanings Italian. It generally caters for an audience of average linguistic expertise.

1. English Dictionary, is a free monolingual dictionary which also works offline, based on the English Wiktionary. Its interface is user friendly and always ready to use even without an internet connection. Among its most important characteristics, we would like to emphasize that it has 174 000 words which are used in a very simple way. Save your search as a favorite, and also use the chronological feature. Download the English Dictionary app on your smartphone – compatible with Android (2.3.3 or subsequent verions).

2. Oxford Dictionary, written directly by the University of Oxford; this volume is ideal for those professionals ; students who have a high level of English; or for anyone who already has a bit ‘of knowledge when it comes to English . With over 350,000 words, phrases and idioms; this dictionary offers you a chance to listen to the pronunciation; both the British and also  American versions. It has more than 75,000 entries and the app is constantly updated, containing all the words most used today by the English people; and the world. It is certainly not just an application; but you can have it for a free 30-day trial on your mobile phone. Download the trial version, and then decide whether you want to purchase it or not. It might be really worth it. 

3. Collins English Dictionary, excellent guide in English. Now at its twelfth edition; this app offers more than 722,000 phrases and words; constantly updated according to contemporary idioms. It also includes many idioms, dialects and regional exceptions. Their search function is unmatched;  to help you find the correct term, you can use the auto-complete feature or a specific filter, where you can even type a misspelled word, and choose from those proposed by the system. An app that will enrich your smartphone and will keep you constantly updated with the English language. Download the Collins English Dictionary, for Android 2.2 onwards.  Be careful, this version is only free for 7 days.

Italian / English Dictionary for Android

This is ideal to have a translator always available on your phone, so that you are never unprepared! Search for the terms that you do not know, and make a good impression with your friends.

1. Word Ref, the free application related to the very famous site; where you can find translations from Italian to English and vice versa. This app is simple and intuitive. The screens are pretty basic, but it is a good friend in every difficult situation. Download the Word Ref app for your smartphone.

2. Google Traduttore, totally free, this app is the mobile version of the well-known Google tool. With it, you can translate anything that is written or said  vocally; but also through a photo; or by pointing the camera through the Word Lens (new feature); and Google will translate instantly. The application is also able to recognize the language spoken by the source; so all you have to do is start uttering the phrase that you don’t know and Google will be able to translate it into your language. Download Google Translate, so that everything is always within reach for you


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