Books in English with Italian translations: parallel texts

Starting might be the most difficult part, when you want to learn a new language.  Many psychologists and professors have established that a fast and effective method that works for students, including self-taught, learn a foreign language, is to get several books and texts that are “parallel”, which allow you to read a novel, an adventure, or a topical article in the English version, supported on the opposite page by the Italian version.  Read here for more information.

Any doubt that you have, will be removed as the Italian page is available to you, without having to bother to look up words in a dictionary.  It has been shown that having to resort to frequently to a reference book, reduces your ability to concentrate on the meaning of what you are reading, constantly disrupting the flow of your reading and not allowing you to evolve and increase your reading level.

bilingual books for purchase

Sherlock Holmes, The famous character in a parallel book to improve your English

Cinderella/Cenerentola, one of the most beautiful stories of all time that will unlock your English talent.

The Little Prince/Il Piccolo Principe, enter its magical world with the friend, fox and the bad snake.

A Christmas Carol/Cantico di Natale, by Dickens, an extremely famous story about the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future…

Learn English – Parallel Texts, a complete guide with simple sentences and texts, for those who really want to give themselves a good base in English, brick by brick…when you have tired yourself out and devoured the whole book, know that there are two additions!…

Several suggestions for English-Italian parallel texts

There are not only fictional books translated from English to Italian that give you a “bilingual” version, but also many essays, newspaper articles, and more to read, download, learn and make your own.

Over 1500 parallel texts of current affairs, to view directly online

MultiBlog by Englishgratis, with tons of texts to read and view at your pleasure

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