Breaking Bad – The Complete Series (21 DVDs total)

Breaking Bad is one of the most popular TV series to come out in recent years, and in just five seasons it managed to keep millions of viewers glued to their television sets. How, you ask? It’s simple: you take a unique backstory, add loads of plot twists, and excellent dialogues that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Breaking Bad, created thanks by the ingenious mind of Vince Gilligan, (also producer of the famous X-Files) also owes its success to its talented actors, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, who to this day have been recognised as world-class stars and are followed by innumerable fans and admirers.

This amazing series aired its final episode several months ago, so why not buy it on DVD online and have start binge-watching, while also improving your English listening and vocabulary at the same time? The best part is you can get lost in the show and immersed in English without getting the slightest bit bored!

What is Breaking Bad about?

Breaking Bad is set mainly around the life of Walter Whitman, a high school chemistry teacher in Albuquerque, who finds out that he has a malignant tumour but doesn’t have the funds needed to pay for medical treatment. Walter happens to run into one of his former students: Jesse, a cantankerous, disaffected, incompetent drug dealer, who convinces Walter to start a covert meth lab. Walter agrees, knowing that in addition to devastating his family, his death will also leave them with a huge mess of financial problems. To leave behind a better legacy for his wife (Skyler), son (Walter Junior, who has cerebral palsy), and infant daughter (who will be born during the course of the series), he is willing to pay any price. Throughout the series you’ll see just how much is Walter willing to go through for money, to satisfy his thirst for power and adrenaline, while becoming a powerful and fierce drug lord.

Why get the box set of 21 DVDs of Breaking Bad?

Watching a film or TV show in its original language is crucial if you’re looking to learn English or improve your foreign language skills. But it’s all too easy to get bored and give up if you’re watching something that doesn’t hold your interest, causing you to lose out on the opportunity to improve your English. However, with Breaking Bad you can watch any of the episodes with English subtitles, and get your family, girlfriend (or boyfriend), or the gang on board with learning English while watching an extremely entertaining show, having fun, and rooting for the loveable characters you’ll meet in this unparalleled TV series.

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