Business English Exercises: Improve your Business English

Business English is, nowadays, an integral part of the English language. Both in school, but also at work, Business English must become our daily bread, especially if you want to stand a chance with your colleagues and stand out during an interview. Remember that it is important to be able to express yourself properly, prove that your English is good and show that you are not only able to speak English while on holiday.

Then get going, and start exercising every day to make sure that you don’t get caught off guard. Business English can be learnt alone or at school – whichever way it is important to learn English for your future, knowing that it will give you better work prospects.

Online Business English exercises

The best way to practice with a varied and endless series of Business English ests, quizzes and phrases is just to draw from the many sources on the web. Here are some ideas:

1. English Town, try this quiz in English to find out what your level is

2. Business Letters in English, helps you to translate documents in the business world

3. Business english idioms, A book on specific Business English terms; an excellent way to memorize words correctly

4. Test your Business English, directly from the Cambridge website, this is the perfect way to understand how far you still have to go to reach a higher level

5. Business English Site, this website is entirely dedicated to Business English, with loads of practice exercises….make the most of it!

Business English exercises: books and virtual sources

There are various books which help you practice Business English:

1. Business English Test, this is an e-book with several exercises which are all aimed at the world of work and business which will help you to practice using familiar terminology

2. Business Higher, a series of Cambridge books, aimed at the world of work and business for higher levels; this is a complete text with exercises and lessons

3. Market leader, comes complete with a DVD and it is full of target exercises; an excellent book intended for high school students and also for those who are self-taught

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