Business English lessons and notes in PDF

Tell the truth: every time you have to talk on the phone with foreign clients, or participate in a video conference with the United States, or draw up a formal document in English, you feel lost in a world of words, technical terms, and customs that still is a little bit confusing at times. Do not be discouraged, however, many are those who are in your same situation. So in the meantime, carry on studying, but always make sure to keep a dictionary at hand!

Business English Zanichelli, A PDF guide with all the necessary material to address a mid-level Business English session. The document is divided into sections, in most parts, it refers to emails and letters, or how to describe a financial situation, how to deal with a job interview, phrasebooks, common expressions and so on. Download the document and put it in your bag! (English-Italian document) Business Phrases, is a glossary dedicated mainly to commercial e-mails, with all the information about recurring phrases, greetings, headers and so on. Download the  PDF and always keep it in your desk drawer in the office, so that you are always ready to greet, thank, explain a situation and end an email in a formal way. (English-Italian document)

Pascal Institute – English cards, This is an English handbook written by a school, built mostly for students, but also very useful to those who have already entered the world of work with some gaps in the English language. The cards are divided into topics, with comprehensive explanations of the various forms of business English. Download these cards to make sure that you are always ready for everything (this only contains very few references to Italian)

Business English, is published by Tomsk Polithecnic University, in a monolingual version, and contains a number of interesting topics which are well represented, such as phone calls, the curriculum, the job interview, formal rules of business, types of business, company forms and much more. It also contains a lot of exercises which are very well-structured. Go to the  PDF and always keep it at hand.

English Club – The top 20 Business English words, in monolingual English, a kind of dictionary of business, subdivided internally by topic: from marketing, credit, contracts, import-export and so on. Especially useful for distinguishing between topics, as well as evidence between the different English terms UK / US. This is a very easy-to-use PDF document, which can be quickly accessed whenever necessary.

15 ways to improve Oral Communication in Business English, dedicated especially to the spoken language, tells you HOW to refer to a group of English speakers during a job interview, a job interview, a meeting or a video conference. Make sure that you are never caught off guard, so download this  document which is published in just one language and keep it close by.

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