English dictionary for Law: the handbook for lawyers and law students

There are several ways to learn English: you can stop at a basic knowledge, which will enable you to get by in everyday situations; or you could also improve your level of English by advancing the jargon and styles used in your sector. If you are n law school, or you are already a lawyer; you may need a specific dictionary; which can address the issues targeted to your profession (or that which will eventually become your line of work), and your everyday life in the future.

You might have already ended up in a situatin in which you find yourself confronted by a bunch of British legal terms, over an international contract, a business letter or in your specialized studies. In these cases you do not need the usual English – Italian dictionaries; they might be misleading and bring you to make unforgivable mistakes. Such words need to be explained within their own contexts. Read this list of the best English legal dictionaries, and stop making mistakes here!

Traditional English dictionaries for Law

1. Legal English, contains British and American English, more than 4,000 words and phrases, and 21,000 collocations, every student and every lawyer can find all the material related to Law; policy and taxation they need. All lawyers will enjoy reading this text.

2. Legal Dictionary, ideal for all translators but also for all kinds of lawyers; it includes a lot of legal and economic terminology to enrich their vocabulary and legal jargon.

3. Dictionary of Law, written and organized by Daniela Angioletti, this bilingual text is well structured; comprehensive and easy to follow; words such as “Landlord” or “Gift” will probably become increasingly targeted and specific, and have no more secrets for you!

Online Legal English Dictionaries

1. Archivio lessico giuridico, partially based on a text like that of  Zanichelli; you will find a number of terminologies which are of a purely legal matter and will be able to view it at any time

2. Legal Glossary, a series of technical terms to enhance your understanding

Legal English Dictionary for you Phone

1. Law and economics dictionary, a very useful app if you would like to have all the terms and words that you use on a daily basis handy all the time.

2. The Law Dictionary, with more than 14,000 definitions offline and 28,000 online this dictionary is the one necessary app to have on your phone.

3. Translegal, an app designed specifically to help those who have to work in the legal profession in English. More than 3,000 terms; audio pronunciation; phrase book and a list of common mistakes to avoid


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