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By now the name of John Peter Sloan resonates everywhere; both on TV and also on the web, it has become a must for those who want to learn the English language, but at the same time have fun!

Sloan, who has been an English teacher and a cabaret artist, for years publishes textbooks and video lessons, to teach English to Italians, while taking into consideration their weaknesses and concerns.

The latest book by Sloan: English Express

The book has come out quite recently, however, it has already made the list of the best-selling books. As always, the publications of this British artists are a huge success, because they are prepared with a lot of attention and experience, but also because this Sloan is a great character whom people just love! Not only that…but he also publishes books which are always filled with fun year after year!

This book continues from where the previous one (English from Zero) stops, therefore, it does not start from scratch again, but gives an overview of all the main grammatical rules, the collocations, idiomatic phrases and much more. This is extremely helpful especially if you already have some knowledge of English. An online tutor will follow you step by step to reach your main target: learning English in a fast and efficient way.

Surely all the books by John Peter Sloan leave no room for boredom, and by using the typical British humor, he still manages to make you smile even if you are deeply immersed in your studies.

Buy English Express and speed up your learning!

Other great titles from John Peter Sloan

Just to give you an idea of the books which have been published and “ultra” sold so far, here are some titles which might interest you.

Instant English, has been recently published, with a new and updated version this book has been modernized; it is a great tool to have while learning English (don’t miss out on the second volume of this series – Instant English 2)

English at Work, to be able to handle any work-related situation with clients or foreign suppliers in a fluent and accurate way. 

English while Travelling, to help you go round the world and get rid of the fear of being misunderstood. The average Italian person is generally somewhat scared of going on holiday since this could mean using the wrong idiom or collocation or directly translating phrases from Italian into English.

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