English Grammar: The Best textbook for you

Without a doubt, when it comes to textbooks that specialise in English grammar there are literally hundreds to choose from – even thousands if you add all of the online learning sites to the mix. Typically these online learning materials give lessons which are organised by topic, so you can really find loads of sites out there (in varying degrees of quality), with the goal of teaching you the basic rules of English grammar.

Here are a few examples:

 English Online, with lots of chapters and accompanying exercises

English Grammar, here you can also browse by topic and find practice exercises

NSpeak, with professor Nardella at your disposition

In some cases, however, if you’re a student or an employee, you may need to rely on something more structured, like a textbook, where you can be confident that nothing is left out, and that you can reference whenever you have a question or concern about how to use auxiliary verbs, pronouns, adjectives, or exceptions to the rules. You may prefer the certainty that comes with a credible textbook, which you know you can consult at any time and it really will address anything and everything about English grammar you may need.

The purpose of getting a book like this is to free you from any hesitation or doubts you may have, which foreign languages are prone to causing. So let’s have a look at what book could become your go-to English grammar book, to keep in your personal library and refer to at any time.

Essential Grammar in Use

Now in its third edition, and updated from time to time, this book is really interesting and written specifically for Italians. Within its pages you’ll find every grammatical concept in the English language. Ideal for academic study and for high school students (especially second-year students), this is a remake of the famous Italian book of the same name, but this one is written entirely in English. Thanks to the handy CD-ROM and timed exercises with solutions provided, this is the best textbook for learning English grammar step by step, with a particular focus on common pitfalls Italians run into.

It’s a great book if you’re not exactly a beginner (it definitely doesn’t focus on the basics), but you’ve already had some exposure to lots of the most commonly-used terms in English. So it’s suitable both for high school students ages 14-15, and for independent learners of all ages. Lessons are divided into different units: with one page containing both theory and practice. This lets you learn English grammar rules even if you’re short on time.

Buy Essential Grammar in Use now, at an excellent, affordable price! 

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