Essential English for Italians in 5 DVD’s – by John Peter Sloan

The English course Essential English by the famous John Peter Sloan is ideal for people of all ages and will prove to be an essential tool to have. John’s explanations are always in Italian and his method is innovative, interactive and he uses “real” English while teaching, as opposed to the usual academic method which has very little to do with the everyday language.

1st DVD: The Present Simple and The Past Simple

John introduces his course by covering the main verb tenses which allow students to form simple sentences:

Present Simple – I GO to school every day because I am  student = VADO a scuola ogni giorno perchè sono uno studente
Past Simple – I WENT to school every day when I was a student = ANDAVO a scuola ogni giorno quando ero studente;

2nd DVD: The Future Simple and Prepositions

In his second DVD Mr Sloan moves on to something very interesting and he introduces the idea of the Future simple which allows us to speak of the Future in general, and he also mentions the prepositions which are necessary to know at whatever level of competence:
Future Simple – I WILL EAT a slice of cake after lunch = MANGERO’ una fetta di torta dopo pranzo
Prepositions – I have breakfast AT 10 o’ clock only ON Sundays = Faccio colazione ALLE dieci solo NELLE domeniche.

3rd DVD: If and Anatomy and the Five Senses

If is used to form hypotheses and is useful to know in various circumstances.
IF you don’t hurry up, you will be late for school = SE non ti sbrighi farai tardi a scuola.
Studying a language does not only mean knowing its grammar, but also the various lexical items. It is for this reason that in the lesson entitled Anatomy and the five senses John introduces various body parts and the five senses, namely sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

4th DVD: Get and Verbs

Get is the most versatile verb in the English language and it is probably also our main ally. In fact, it can be used in countless situations, sometimes even replacing other verbs. Here are some examples: “Can you BUY some milk at the store?” but also “Can you GET some milk at the store?” or even “I will IMPROVE in English” and also “I will GET BETTER at English”.

5th DVD: Phrasal Verbs and At Work

In his last DVD John introduces us to Phrasal Verbs, a topic which is considered to by quite difficult for Italians especially since very often one prefers to use direct translations (for example put together = to assemble, compose e speed up = to accelerate); nevertheless, phrasal verbs are an integral part of the English language and are constantly used in formal and informal situations. In other words, they must be learned.

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