Examinations with sections in English: how to best prepare

Here we are, finally the date of the examination you’ve been waiting for is fast approaching; you’ve been studying for months, preparing like you’ve never prepared before, but suddenly, talking to your friend or colleague, you realize that your level of English is at an all-time low!! How do you plan to take the examination without being 100% prepared with your English too?

Well, stay calm and get in line starting now! But where to begin?

How to practice for the English section of an exam online

1. Quiz Concorsi Online, the most effective way to tell if your level is really poor… if you’re not able to pass these types of English tests, you’d better move on to the next step: studying!

2. Mininterno, where you’ll find 40 quizzes taken from the second level parliamentary examination. Here as well, practice exercises are helpful for finding out how questions are written, but also to get the hang of them before taking the exam, so that you won’t show up totally clueless about what English questions you’ll find on the exam.

3. Public examinations, with nine tests; among these there’s an easier or intermediate level option, where the circumstances of each specific quiz (or rather, the type of examination, so that you can also get an idea of the level of easiness or difficult you’ll run into) is also outlined.

4. Timetets, here’s another way to answer a variety of questions in English, taken from public examinations, completely for free. Use the site even after you’ve studied from a textbook, to keep yourself in good shape.

How to study quickly for an examination on written English texts

Here we come to the “classic” reading section, which will consist of a few interesting passages that could be very useful for tackling the exam head-on.

1. English for every examination, the title says everything: a general book covering all the basic necessities for anyone taking an English test, in a public examination, or in particular, to get into academia, or a particular university department, and so on. A complete book for if you’re looking to enrich your vocabulary, and get clarification about grammar rules. It’s divided into two sections; one is pure theory, and the other, larger one, which includes many different exercises. Buy La prova di inglese per tutti i concorsi and pass the test with confidence!

2. English grammar for all examinations, here’s another title that clearly demonstrates that this may just be the right book for you. Simple and logically divided, it allows you to go over all Englsh grammar issues and prepare for the exam properly. It’s best if you’re not starting from scratch, or needing assistance from a teacher. Get this book for a solid review!

3. Englishtest, which provides a refresher covering all English language topics, starting more or less from the basics. It covers syntax, vocabulary,  and general knowledge, all accompanied by not just theory but also lots of practical exercises. Highly useful especially for university exams, also has an interesting section covering aptitude tests. Purchase Englishtest now and start studying.

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