Hilarious American films to watch to improve your US accent listening comprehension

Finally your English is improving and you’re at the point where just the British accent is not enough. You’re more advanced – much more advanced, and want nothing more than to get your ears used to the perplexing sounds uttered by Americans! Of course watching a great American film in its original language is an excellent idea, however so far you’ve only heard your grandmother’s recommendations for a few pre-war flicks! So I’d like to share this list of the funniest American films from the last four decades, which you can watch and enjoy from the comfort of your couch – but beware the side-splitting laughter to come! Pop some popcorn and pour a drink, American-style!

80s Films

A bit dated, but still great, the 80s pumped out quite a few hilarious films that have really made history.

Ghostbusters, the four ghostbusters and their adventures are loved by millions. This is a must-have for your library.

Back to the Future, starring Michael J. Fox in his youth, takes you on a trip through the 80s, the 60s, and then back even further. . .

The Blues Brothers, the most beloved musical of its time, with the Belushi brothers dressed in black with matching sunglasses. . .to the rhythm of the blues!

The Naked Gun, Leslie Nielsen at his best captivated millions of viewers in this comedy that has really become a classic.

90s Films

You can’t not remember these ones, even if you need to jog your memory a bit. . .

The Naked Gun 2 ½, Leslie Nielsen makes a comeback a few years later, reinventing comedy in this raunchy, irresistible flick.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights, hilarious parody of the original tale, with a clumsy main character!

Weekend at Bernie’s, two young men take a vacation with. . .a dead body. This comedy is very 90s, but still really good nonetheless.

Ace Ventura, with his enormous grins and farcical acting, Jim Carrey plays the boyish “Pet Detective” in this lively comedy. 

Films from the 2000s

Comedy at its best! You had to be on the floor laughing while you watched these hilarious films!

There’s something about Mary, the film that put Ben Stiller on the map, and starred Cameron Diaz in her sexiest, most irresistible role.

Meet the Parents, Ben Stiller is back in this uproarious role as he meets his future father in-law – Robert Deniro, who plays a former CIA agent in this one-of-a-kind comedy.

Dumb and dumber: farcical, outlandish, and sometimes ridiculous, this film has definitely left its mark on American comedy.

Funniest American Films from the last few years

This brings us up to the present. . .here are a few of the most recent American comedies. . .

Sex Tape, a cautionary tale to amateur filmmakers. . .take it from Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel, husband and wife who just wanted to spice things up a bit in their marriage. . .

The Hangover, whether you watch 1, 2 or 3, this saga is overwhelmingly funny, with amazing acting, as characters navigate through a minefield of adventures that border on surreal.

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