How to download films, books, and English language courses with torrents

These days the internet is filled with loads of Torrents, so you can download pretty much anything you want, from films to books, even English language courses. . .yep, trust me, even those! So what are you waiting for? You can watch films in their original language, or even read a good book in English; both are great ways to learn a language as quickly and smoothly as possible. And so much the better if the language you’re learning is a really important one, like English.

But do you know how to get started downloading from the Torrent stream?

Should you run into any issues, here you’ll find a mini-guide to help you have a good downloading experience.

1. Decide what you want to download with

First off, you’ll need to choose either a public or private Torrent tracker. Some trackers are more trustworthy than others; however, there are tons of options out there to choose from. Public trackers, as you may imagine, are available to anyone, whereas private ones require you to be invited and also to re-share a minimum amount of the files you’ve downloaded.

2. Search for a file

You’ll be searching from a huge collection of available files; so, if you’re looking for one episode from a TV series, try to be very specific in your search criteria, or else you may end up wasting time, not being able to find it!

3. Download a popular file

To increase downloading speed, pick a popular Torrent file which has been shared by lots of Seeders (Torrent users) who already own the entire file. Then, share it with others.

4. Look for a large file size

Especially when it comes to video files, don’t be deceived by a small file size with the idea that it will reduce download time. In reality this often indicates that the file is low quality.

5. If possible, choose a magnet link

This is basically just a better file type than the others out there.

6. Check to make sure the file is ok for your computer

You can find pretty much anything on Torrent, so be careful about what you download to avoid getting a virus!

You can find other ways to get these files, for example, by connecting to a client and downloading a Torrent Trackers file. Always be wary of files that haven’t been shared by very many users, or have only been available for a short while: these types of files typically carry viruses or malware. Make sure to always download large, popular files that have been shared lots of times.

For more information, follow this link where you’ll find the complete guide to Torrents, or you can watch this informative video for fast, convenient instructions; afterward Torrents shouldn’t seem like a mystery to you anymore!

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