Instant Immersion English Level 1-2-3: Family Edition DVD-ROM

Instant Immersion English is an English course designed for interactive learning on the computer compatible with both Mac and PC. The course is in fact composed of DVD and CD ROM, MP3 and a PDF dictionary that you can print. It’s a great course for those who want to study English alone but interactively using the computer and have some fun in doing so since it also contains games. Buy it here.

Instant Immersion

The program allows you to learn English in a fun, fast and straightforward way, thanks to a technique which enables the user to associate images supported by the use of the computer. Learning in this way is instantaneous and effective.

Course Structure

The course consists of a variety of activities, interactive exercises, quizzes, fun and effective, educational games that will allow you to learn English with ease and without feeling the weight of having to rely entirely on the books. The course has a software which allows you to record your voice and improve pronunciation and also allows you to transfer lessons in MP3 or iPod so as not to waste time and also to be able to listen to the daily lesson while you do other things, such as driving, while you’re on holiday, or even while you run or cycle.

What will you be able to do:

With Instant Immersion English you could:

– build and expand your vocab in English

– participate in a conversation with confidence and ease

– understand the spoken everyday language

– reach your goals

– perfect your pronunciation

Course Content

The course is made up of 3 levels.

1) In the first level you will learn the basic vocabulary and phrases that are easy and which enable you to deal with simple conversations of everyday life. You will learn all the basic vocabulary, colors, numbers, food, body parts, time and time, shopping, country names, adjectives and more.

2) In the second level you will deal with sentences which are a little more elaborate on topics such as hobbies, sports, preferences, what you like and what you dislike; you can talk of family, friends and work, learn the alphabet you can communicate at the restaurant, in a hotel, using technology and also in business and travel settings. Basically you’ll know what to say in the case of an emergency.

3) Level 3 teaches you to converse structuring more complex sentences, perfecting pronunciation and addressing topics in more depth: people, food, animals, seasons, numbers, work, career, marketing and communications, IT, economics and finance, and more.


All levels contain quizzes, games and interactive activities based on the association of images. You can also improve your pronunciation by signing and re-listening to the songs. Keep track of your progress and print the new vocabulary you have learned for each lesson to revise it whenever you like.

Several ways to Learn English

With Instant Immersion English you can study English in 3 ways:

1) Instant Immersion The DVDs, in a group, with your family or with friends

2) Instant Immersion Audio for MP3 allows you to transfer the lessons on your MP3 or iPod to be able to study on the go, while you jog, while you’re on the train, plane or car.

3) Who is Oscar Lake? CD ROM, this is a mystery game that is made up of 70 hours of learning and fun!

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