Medical English Dictionary: enhance your understanding of medical terminology

By now even the medical profession must be able to communicate fluently in English; to prepare reports, specialized articles, medical records aimed at patients who are not Italian, and also to be able to communicate with foreign colleagues with whom you might need to share information and important discoveries. Even medical students should have the opportunity to consult texts written in English to prepare for examinations and lab reports.

For all the doctors who attend international conferences where they have difficulty understanding the language and feel crippled when they have to expose their ideas or answer a few question; surely a dictionary that has been specifically created for the world of science and medicine.

Here is a roundup of interesting books to buy and keep at hand; but also, if desired, on your mobile phone!

Traditional Medical English Dictionary

1. Illustrated Medical English-Italian Dictionary, a bilingual volume that is useful to understand the various terminologies that are often used during meetings or in the course of study of the medical course. Pocket size for easy portability.

2. Italian-English English-Italiano Medical Dictionary, with CD-ROM for easy search of the terms; complete; contains the most used words but also ones which are unknown to most. A really well-written text; from the hands of Maria Laura Petrelli. Over 50,000 entries useful to doctors; students but also to interpreters. The two versions have been prepared independently and not just a literal translation of each other. It is an excellent text that every doctor should have in their library.

3. Professional English in Use Medicine, solely in English, and also serves as an encyclopedic dictionary ideal for those who want to improve their knowledge of English. Compiled in collaboration with the Institute for Applied Language Studies medical corpus; it is a text which was designed specifically for doctors and teachers of medicine; who need to express themselves in the best way possible in an English professional environment; deals with topics such as Diseases; symptoms; investigations … more than 60 units, within which there are all the medical terms both generic and even the more specific ones. A must-have for those who already have a basic knowledge of English.

Medical English for desktop and mobile

1. Medical Abbreviations, a sort of dictionary of English abbreviations used in the medical field. It could be very useful; especially for prescriptions and medical records. Go to the site for a full list of abbreviations and their meanings in English.

2. Oxford Medical Dictionary, an app for your smartphone; to take with you and consult whenever needed. Thousands of terms and definitions; compiled directly by Oxford University. Download this app for free and here you will find over 12,000 entries and a fast search option to help you save time. There is a trial version which is totally free, but then you will be given options to buy services from within the app itself. 

3. Medical Terminologies, a free application that works perfectly even without any internet connection. So many words, symptoms; diseases; diagnosis, and much more; all accompanied by quick and streamlined search. Download this app on your smartphone!

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