Oblivion: DVD or Blu-Ray in English with subtitles

You’ll see through my articles the advice that watching films and especially television is fundamental to improving your English. Learning English in this way will improve your listening, vocabulary and consistency (you’ll be able to study for longer).

Watch Oblivion (Blu-ray or DVD) to learn English

When you’ve got a couple of hours free then sit yourself down on your sofa and watch a film in English! My suggestion for today is Oblivion (Blu-Ray or DVD), a film starring Tom Cruise from 2013.  This film has been a Amazon bestseller in the past, and if you haven’t seen it yet (and even if you have) then my advice is to take a look (in English and English subtitles)!


The film is set in the second half of the 21st century. There’s a war going on between humans and alients which the aliens are losing. But life on earth is impossible, so humans are forced in exhile on the planet Titan, while the earth is exploited for resources so that life can continue on Titan. If you love science-fiction blockbusters then this film is for you! And even if the film is very silly, noone can criticize you for deepening your knowledge of the English language! You can get a taste of the film in the trailer here on YouTube!

Explore the accent of the Hollywood stars!

When you watch the film you’ll notice several different accents. Notice the difference between the pronunciation of Tom Cruise, Olivia Wilde and Morgan Freeman. Perhaps you can watch the film a couple of times, once with and once without subtitles! Experiment and see what is easier and what is more difficult.

Order Oblivion on Amazon!

What are you waiting for? Get onto Amazon and buy Oblivion (Blu-ray o DVD)! The Blu-Ray also includes  lots of extra footage and specials, such as cut scenes, the sound track and the commentary of Tom Cruise and the director Joseph Kosinski. These extras are great for your listening skills as well. In this video you’ll find a taste of Oblivion’s behind the scenes content, with Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman describing their work on set.

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