Order your books from England with Amazon.co.uk

Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.it? The great dilemma.  Consider taking a look at amazon.co.uk for many different types of products: you can see for your own eyes comparing with the Italian platform that there are often advantages.  Mostly you will see the difference in the prices of textbooks, fiction, bestsellers and so on. And no need to worry, in most cases you can order from Italy on the English site without problem.

Why to order books on Amazon.co.uk

You want me to list some good reasons? Here they are:

– the prices are much lower, it’s basic, middle men and merchants want to skim more money off the top, so it is cheaper to buy directly.

– the prices are cheap due to the exchange rate

– There are many items that the Italian site does not have

– Often there are many more special offers and promotions that will reduce the final cost even more, even the shipping (which is no longer free)

And with that, you can being your tour of Amazon.co.uk.

In Italy you can buy it on Amazon.co.uk

As said before, there are no problems placing orders, especially for books and volumes, in Italy, most people are not aware of this possibility and do not even take into consideration the option of purchasing from a foreign platform.  But for those who are not accustomed to speaking English, and are fearful of venturing onto a foreign site, here is an excellent Buyer’s Guide so you won’t feel unprepared and unable to use the platform.

There is a great market for use books on Amazon.uk

But did you know that you can buy used books on the internet? This is a really interesting option, because a text that has been used and notated can help stimulate curiosity and imagination.  There is also the mundane fact that used books are significantly cheaper!

When searching for a text, look at the page when it opens and you may see the option “BUY USED”, or in Italian “Compra usato”; it doesn’t always appear, because there aren’t any used copies of the book, obviously, but if you are lucky, you can opt for this solution. It also shows the general status of the book (Very Good – Good) to make sure that it arrives in the state you expect.

For an example, go to Amazon.co.uk, an you will open a page where there is a book you can buy used.

Books in English, the best method for improving your English.

I believe there is no need to stress anymore that the habit of reading and browsing through texts in English(preferably from native writers), will contribute greatly to the development of your vocabulary, as well as the construction of sentences, and better understanding of context.  You will certainly have an advantage over others if you do this.  Try and buy the latest best seller by Dan Brown!

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