Recommended English grammar books: for a better learning experience

Verbs, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, tenses, forms. . .learning English can be harder than it seems at first – even if you just wanted to say your name, or the colour of your friend’s hair! Learning grammar in any language can be a difficult pill to swallow, but a language as important as English needs to be taken on with determination and perseverance. Having a good level of English is too important for you and your future to ignore, which is why I am about to recommend some great grammar textbooks. These are very clearly written, and draw on reliable information to help you learn. And if you can find an excellent book at a great price, even better, right?

Bilingual textbooks for a low to medium level

1. English Grammar, with audio CD and exercises included. Meant for students who are still at a low to medium level, and written in Italian for easier reading, each chapter consists of a lesson addressing a different grammar concept, with related exercises. The whole book is very well-written. Buy Zanichelli’s English Grammar at an affordable price.

2. English Grammar for Dummies, a book that’s focused on common errors Italians make while learning (or attempting to learn) English. Lots of tricks that can help you avoid common pitfalls are pointed out by Hoepli. This is great for anyone with a beginning level. Concepts are explained in different lessons and reinforced with exercises. It’s simple yet comprehensive. Purchase English Grammar for Dummies and start today!

3. Essential Grammar in Use for Italians, a review for the Cambridge University exam series. It’s bilingual and aims at clearing up the most common mistakes that the inhabitants of our peninsula are prone to making. All of the exercises are “designed” for us, even taking into consideration the way we think and learn. Get Essential Grammar in Use for Italians if you want a textbook that’s very authoritative but easy to understand.

English-only textbooks for advanced English

1. The Complete Guide to Grammar, written with a medium-high level audience in mind, but is even appropriate for native English speakers who have never had the chance to study and learn correct English grammar. A textbook written entirely in English, giving Italian students with a good grasp of English that chance at a full-immersion experience. Don’t hesitate to get your copy of The Complete Guide to Grammar!

2. English Grammar in Use, by Cambridge University, is part of a series of important textbooks and follows a good structure. It comes with exercises, solutions and a CD-rom, to help you teach English grammar properly to anyone looking to learn it. Excellent book for high schools, requires a medium to high level of English proficiency. Purchase English Grammar in Use and start getting those English grammar rules down!

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