Shipments from to Italy – How it works

Amazon is a famous worldwide online platform used to purchase items online. The site was initially for the purchase and sale of books, new and used, but soon it grew to incorporate every industry, hobby, topic and genre.

The typical user will of course go to use, and it seems that it is more or less unknown to most users that other non-Italian platforms are available, for example, in other words the English version. But why are we talking about this? Because many of the items when compared to the Italian site are cheaper.

Were you aware of this? Many tech items, as well as English texts, best-sellers, or used books can be bought more cheaply at at times very convenient

Books in original language, as well as a large market for used books, also items for PC printers, electrical components and much more, when compared to the Italian version of Amazon, with the English, you will see that there is no contest between the prices: if we add up the costs of the items plus shipping, we see that although paradoxical, it is in fact less convenient and more expensive to buy from Italy.

We must clarify that shipments can take place in Italy, and until recently they were even FREE provided the cost of the products exceeded a certain limit, but as of now this clause that was so beloved by Italian no longer exists.  However, even when we add in shipping to the cost of items on the prices remain lower.  The only downfall is that it may take longer to get to you.

For more information about shipping costs in Italy, as well as other related information go to this page del sito ufficiale of and perhaps everything will be clearer and more straightforward.

Would you like to buy something interesting? We can suggest something to you:

– The Harry Potter collection, in original language (better your English!)

– A fantastic monolingual English Dictionary from Oxford

The limits of

There are, in fact, limitations when making purchases from this platform: several types of goods cannot be shipped to Italy, such as knives or any weapons in general, and there are sellers, fortunately not many, that prefer not to ship abroad, or there can be limitations for shipment outside of the UK only to certain countries, which may include our peninsula.

Unfortunate as they don’t know how many potential buyers they are losing out on! If you are interested in a particular type of product, that might be restricted, go to this page this is the official site to go to check as well as get more information.

And what about guarantees on its products, Amazon is very punctual and reliable in this matter: you are covered under a European warranty.  You will only need to factor in a longer time to receive a replacement after sending in the defective item. If you would like to know more about the significant difference between the European and Italian guarantees, look at this site.

How to buy from

To understand the differences between purchasing items from and its English version, simply view this video where the user shows an interesting step by step guide to buying on a foreign site.  Very interesting and useful if you are not used to dealing with these types of things.

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