The cheap English dictionary: how to gain more by spending less

Your teachers have probably often advised you to buy an English dictionary of a certain level to accompany you and help you in your study of the language; but then, you probably went to the book shops and nearly fainted when you started seeing the prices at which such dictionaries are sold.

Assuming that a good book, is efficient, well structured and meets its purpose, however, it’s practically impossible for it to just magically turn up and be for free! Since this is hardly ever the reality, one must search for a good dictionary, however, it is possible to purchase a good-quality and affordable dictionary.

Cheap Monolingual English Dictionary

1. Collins Dictionary and Paperback Thesaurus, written specifically for students; workers and people who are self-taught; ideal for everyday use to support learning English; Includes an endless range of terms, synonyms and antonyms. Buy this Collins set directly from the English version of Amazon (which is known for having more of a range when it comes to books) to find the definition you need without too much effort.

2. Oxford English Dictionary, based on the ” Oxford English Corpus “,this book is a boundless database with millions and millions of words of written and spoken English. With over 355,000 words and phrases; 12,000 encyclopedic entries; and 68,000 in-depth definitions….the numbers are truly dizzying! Despite the value that this book carries, its cost on Amazon UK won’t make you pass out! Click here to make this influential book your own.

3. Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary  is dedicated to students who want to be part of a B1 or B2 level of the European scale; with more than 35,000 definitions; contains all key words used to speak at a mid-level. Convenient and practical CD-ROM to listen to the pronunciation and distinguish the British from American versions. This too can be found at a chep price – click here!

Cheap English – Italian Dictionary

1. The Ragazzini/Biagi English-Italian, concise version; of the Zanichelli; with more than 68,000 entries and over 113,000 translated meanings. Phonetic notation of both the English and Italian terms; and an extensive appendix that discusses the various distinctions between British and American English (also the differences in syntax and spelling). A well-organised and intersting volume. Buy it at a cheap price!

2. The Ragazzini 2015 English-Italian, Full and up-to-date version…really fantastic! There is no word that you can not find in this dictionary. If purchased in a normal book shop, the price could be quite steep; but on Amazon UK it is virtually halved! Go to the site and buy it!

3. The Mini English Dictionary, this is a pocket dictionary published in 2007; certainly no one of the latest, but certainly one of the best; with all the English words and the most important translations. If your needs are not too much, and if you do not need extensive definitions and translations, with this book you can really spend little. You wallet will certainly thank you.

4. Italian-English Illustrated Dictionary, designed for younger children, to make them take the first steps towards learning the language. There are more than 2,000 words; many illustrations and differences between American versions and British. A great foundation for elementary school children. Buy it at a cheap price!

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