Reading in English: find all the resources for improving your English.

What is the most effective method for improving your English? Reading, reading and more reading…. obviously, in English! But where to start? What are the best sources for access to interesting reading material, understandable and at the right vocabulary leve, that can support and help a student in learning a language? Here are some interesting suggestions:

1. Grader Readers

Have you ever heard of Grader Readers? They are essentially volumes of “easy reading” that were developed specifically for those who study foreign languages, to be used independently or in a class with an instructor, suggested for household reading material, but also in the classroom as teaching material. These books can be taken from great literary works, biographies, travel journals and more. There isn’t a predominant genera, and for this reason they are very interesting.  It is important to mention, they are not the miserable “summaries”, but they have a narrative depth, are engaging and divided into levels so that anyone can identify with them and choose accordingly.  There are books for beginners, but also others that deal with themes and terminology in the native language.  So there is something for everyone! Some examples:

The Canterville Ghost, by Oscar Wild for level 2 (around 600 terms)

1984, the precursor to Big Brother, by Orwell, level 4, for intermediate-advanced English speakers

Dracula, by Bram Stoker, a cult classic for lovers of this genera, level 3, intermediate English

2. Novels in English

The English ones are classified as “fiction” as a narrative genera.  There are thousands of titles to buy in ebooks, kindle paperback, and so on.  The difficulty level from novel to novel varies, but generally they are aimed at an audience with an intermediate or so level of the language. If you are not part of this group, it would be advisable for you to check out the section above?

Some titles?

The Old Man and the Sea (Il Vecchio e il mare – Hemingway)

Angels and Demons (Angeli e Demoni – Dan Brown)

The Girl on the Train (An English Best Seller by Paula Hawkins)

Wuthering Heights (Cime tempestose by Emily Bronte)

3. Documentaries, reports and essays in English

Here also you can browse through a myriad of topics  in the genera “non-fiction” there is everything imaginable in English.  Stories of war, travel journals, philosophic essays but also learning books, for children, and for teenagers.  Anything that is not purely a “novel” you can find it here.  Literature that is useful and interesting that can combine to not only teach you the English language but also, important historical facts and knowledge that you may not have had before.

Read for example, the record of the night of the Titanic, or Afghanistan Picture Show, the war story of a famous American writer

4. Reading the news

Keeping informed about news, especially daily events and other events around the world in English is a great way to practice your reading skills.  Especially if the news is divided by difficulty level, like the site News In Levels.  Try and take it look it is very interesting!  Or go and try and read some news in the Wall Street Journal, or on the site of the New York Times both are suitable for learners and teachers.

5. Reading on your smartphone

To get reading that is always available on your cell phone, you can download an app, such as EBook for Kindle, to be able to download all free books(also in English) directly from Amazon even if you do not have a Kindle reader. There are tons of applications, and they allow you to read at your convenience on you smartphone all the texts you could want; so you can practice on the train, bus or during your lunch break.

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