Walking with Dinosaurs

Walking with dinosaurs is a masterpiece of incredible graphics produced by BBC Earth, and is aimed at giving a new meaning to the traditional and somewhat boring notion of this documentary that quite a few have. This could be perceived as a “first-person documentary” in which the viewer experiences the story together with the main character. 

Plot of Walking with Dinosaurs – A Spasso con i Dinosauri

The first character to make an appearance is Alex, an extinct bird (Alexornis antecedens Brodkorb) which is prehistoric times, which is also the period during which our story is set. Alex’s job is to give an overview of the main story line, and also to provide the users with technical information about the new species they will encounter. One of these is the main protagonist, Patchi, who like Alex, is a Pachyrinosaurus, which means that he is a lizard and eats plants. Patchi will come across some difficult decisions, but will fortunately have his brother, Scowler, with him to help him. The only issue is that Scowler is a hothead who once used to head the pack and who generally takes one bad decision after the other. Another character helping Patchi is Juniper, with who he falls in love. The three of them form a group and will remain together throughout all their adventures, the highs, the lows and even the dangers which will ultimately help Patchi to rediscover his brave and selfless side, manifesting the wisdom and wit of his brother and even going as far as risking his own life in order to save his friends. 


Walking with Dinosaurs is certainly not a film for adults, in fact, it is aimed at kids aged between 5 and 9. It is a typical educational cartoon based on the Disney concepts of friendship and justice, and includes an underlying lesson for the kids. There is also the classical battle between good and evil, and the characters are often faced with a situation in which they have to choose between right and wrong. Despite the fact that there are some mildly violent scenes, blood is never clearly shown. On top of that the characters have been designed in such a way so as to help kids identify with and become attached to them. The movie is about an hour and a half long, which means that it will not be too much for the kids.


This film was widely criticised by many because of certain particular traits, mainly the over-humanisation of the dinosaurs who speak and make bad jokes, and sometimes they plainly do not make any sense. Just as an example, at one point they mention the ninjas – this in itself is highly confusing since theoretically ninjas did not exist at the time of dinosaurs and this could potentially confuse kids. As mentioned, some of the jokes are quite bad, and sometimes there are even references to vomiting and excrement. In one of the scenes which featured an attack by the carnivores, Scowler says to his brother, “They can smell fear”, and Patchi replies to his brother that “It is not fear they are smelling”. Juniper even goes as far as expanding and enhancing the reference to excrement. Having said that, it is important to keep in mind that here we are talking about a kids movie and that, in truth, anything which might be boring to an adult could be extremely amusing and innocent to a kid.

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